Bella Thorne Is Getting Backlash Over Her New Makeup Brand Filthy Fangs

Bella Thorne Is Getting Backlash Over Her New Makeup Brand Filthy Fangs

Bella Thorne By now, it almost feels like a right of passage for celebrities to come out with their own cosmetics lines. In the last year and a half, stars like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, and J.Lo jumped on the beauty bandwagon with their eponymous brands and collaborations. And now, Bella Thorne can be added to the list.

The former Disney channel darling launched her line, Filthy Fangs, this past weekend with two eye shadow palettes, both of which sold out the first day, according to Thorne. The 20-year-old took to her personal Instagram account to let fans know the palettes had sold out and to thank them for all their support. “We sold out in a day but don’t worry I already reordered;) thank u guys for helping a b out:),” she wrote. The launch has been super buzzy, but some people on social media weren’t happy with what Thorne put out.

As first reported by Cosmopolitan, people questioned why the palettes, which come with nine shadows each, are priced so steeply. The South Beach Palette ($60) and the Ocean Drive Palette ($50) both feature bold, glittery hues like ruby, emerald green, sparkling navy, turquoise, and more.

Thorne posted swatches of the shadows on Instagram and received good feedback from some fans, while others said things like, “These look so cheap,” and “I can’t afford it.

“In addition to the backlash about affordability, some people said the palettes look very similar to ones by indie brand, Juvia’s Place, as both brands feature the same brightly colored packaging (Juvia’s Place offers a yellow palette, too) and nine-pan palettes with sparkly shadows. On the other hand, Juvia’s Place has unique designs on its packaging, while Thorne’s palettes simply have a Filthy Fangs logo.

In general, there were mixed reviews, with some fans expressing major excitement over the launch and others disappointed in the quality and cost of the palettes. The brand also offers an assortment of flavored lip balms as well as a variety of merch, so it appears Filthy Fangs might not be solely a beauty brand.

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